Peeping Santa and Rudolph With 28 Snowflakes Fabulous Christmas Decor Window Clings

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Quickly decorate your windows and make a beautiful Christmas display that your kids will love. Simply stick-on the peeking Santa and Rudolph window clings to impress your neighbours and visitors, you'll have a fabulous Christmas display in minutes.

The Santa and Rudolph have been designed by a talented artist and come with 2 sheets of our Original Snowflake Window Clings. They have been printed using the latest techniques so they can be seen clearly from both sides of the window.

All the stickers are NON- Adhesive, you can move and re-positioned them as often as you like, creating different displays around your house has never been easier. They are so easy and fun to apply, you can even let the kids help stick them on!

Each pack contains 4 PVC sheets - One peeking Santa - One Peeking Rudolph - and Two sheets of our popular Original Snowflake Window Clings, each snowflake sheet is printed with 14 different snowflake designs = 28 Snowflakes in total.

Each sheet measures 250mm by 350mm.

The sizes of the 28 different snowflakes are:

8 x 90mm, 4 x 80mm, 8 x 70mm, and 8 x 50mm

Very easy to use - First clean your windows - Then peel the clings off the card - Press them onto the glass. Now stand back and admire your work. They are non-adhesive, can be moved and re-position as often as you like.

Easily taken down and saved for use another day.