Realistic Spider Window Clings Stickers - Practical Joke April Fools Halloween

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spiderwindow clings

Scare the living daylights out of friends, family and colleagues with theses realistic-looking Spider Clings.

Laugh out loud as they run away screaming with terror! It's just as funny watching them trying to squash a sticker!!

They make a fantastic practical joke and look excellent as Halloween party decorations.

You get the biggest screams from the little stickers!

The spiders are printed on clear PVC, they have had their outlines cut out to give a realistic spider look.

Just press them on to any clean high shine surface like Windows, mirrors, fridge doors, tiles (in the shower is a great place), and shiny cupboard doors.

They are non-adhesive so they can be moved and reposition as often as you like. You will receive 1 sheet of 16 small spiders, and 1 of each large spider, Total of 3 PVC sheets, and every sheet measures 25cm by 35cm.

The 2 big spiders measure 31cm in length and 23cm across. the little spiders measure from 9cm to 3cm.