Articlings 12 x Red Bauble Window Clings with Glitter Patterns and Strings

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 Quickly decorate your windows and make a beautiful festive display with a Pack of Bauble Window Clings by ArtiClings.

These premium clings are made from top quality NON-Adhesive PVC, and printed using the latest laser printing techniques.

The Baubles can be seen from both sides of the window, but only one side has silver glitter. The side that sticks to the glass has a white pattern.

The glitter pattern and silver glitter strings are created using glitter mixed with glue. This process minimises glitter loss so you won?t waste time cleaning up after them.

The glitter strings can be cut to size, and doubled up to make extra-long strings.

Your friends, family and neighbours will be very impressed with your window display.

Available in 4 colours: Red, Blue, Gold and Silver.

They need no sticky adhesive, will NOT leave marks on your glass, and are very easy to remove.

Each bauble pack contains 3 PVC sheets; 2 sheets with 12 baubles printed with glitter patterns and 1 sheet printed with 24 glitter strings.

Bauble Size: Each Bauble Measures 100mm across. The strings are 320mm in length and 5mm wide