10 Dinosaur & Jurassic Plant Non-adhesive Static Stickers Window Clings

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Instantly brighten up any window with these wonderful Dinosaur Window Clings. You'll be able to make amazing displays on any window or mirror in seconds!

Apply them to patio doors or any glass door to make the glass more visible, helping to avoid accidents and birds flying into the glass.

They use NO adhesive so you can move and reposition them as often as you like - so easy to use, you could even let your children help stick them on!

You will receive 3 sheets containing 10 different Dinosaurs - no two dinosaurs are the same. Each Dinosaur has been hand designed by a talented artist - they are not photocopies. We have then printed them using the latest techniques so they can be seen clearly from both sides of the window.

Largest Dinosaur Size: 36cm

Smallest Dinosaur Size: 18cm

Each Sheet Size: 350mm x 250mm

They need no sticky adhesive or tape. You can move and reposition them as many times as you like as they are completely removable & reusable.

* Please Note: This item is not a toy, young children should NOT be left unsupervised with the clings *